light and love

light and love

the world is a piece of the big bang
the divine vigor that keeps it light

that split in all directions
and lit all illusions

the puddle of rain sprinkled a molecule
to go out with another and another
life sprouted hard
a party

a more meddlesome monkey
wanted to find meaning
a god for all this

baby, if god exists, is no fool
be watching us would only be encumbrance

(so the best thing to do
a goddess to love in orion...)
but, my god, it is clear

the monkey is that needs to be resigned
and believe a belief that in the end he wins

society chooses what sin
love was caused by fear of failure
my love, be patient
It is all mere appearance, permanency

baby, stand by me
let's enjoy our monkey time.

roberto jr, agosto 2016

'luz e amor', música de agosto de 2016


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